Youth Aerobics


As a reminder, it is the policy of the Belton Park Department to cancel all aerobics classes with the cancellation of the Belton School District. Take a look at all of our current schedules..


  • Fitness Fun - Ages 3-12
    Come out and explore different exercises through fun, interactive games. Developmentally-appropriate activities will be used to enhance throwing, catching, kicking, and other sports-related skills. The focus will be on developing life-long lovers of exercise.
  • Ready Set Grow - Ages 3-12
    Children will love this exciting new class created just for them. This program is designed to explore the benefits of fitness through music, dance, and movement. We will play games and share activities that promote healthy habits, as well as an introduction to physical and social developmental skills! The class will be divided up into age groups for the summer.

Information for Parents

  • Please pick up your children promptly!
  • Parents are not to leave the building during these classes!
  • Parents must show a photo ID when asked while picking up their children from all youth fitness classes.
  • Parents are responsible for transporting children from one class to the other!
  • Have your child in comfortable clothing and use the restroom before putting them in class.