Small Group Training

H.I.G.H Training

With High Intensity Group H.I.T.T you trainer/coach will lead you through 

exercises on everything from TRX suspension training, sandbags, battle ropes, slam balls, monkey bars, punching bags, climbing ropes and more! Draw from the energy in our intimate class size as you push yourself  to get real results!

Coaches Glenn, Reeves ,Ronk; Trainers Braun, Johnson, Graham, Burgin, Mancuso, and  Keedy.



Kinesis is a method of training that takes place in an elegant and soothing space, devised to make you want to move more regularly and more assiduously, for an improved quality of life. Kinesis allows your body to move in all planes, taking functional training to the next level. Your movements will feel free and natural thanks to a technology that enables resistance to gravity in a tridimensional space.

Coaches Ronk, Russell; Trainers Braun, Johnson, Graham, Burgin




TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It is a fun new twist on your normal workout, and is designed to improve your total body strength, range of motion and even flexibility! It tests your body’s limits by forcing you to use your own body weight to exercise while incorporating lots of balance and sweat. Your core and upper body will become more engaged.

Coaches Reeves, Ronk, Trainers Braun, Johnson, Graham, Burgin Mancuso and Keedy

FLEX-Strength Training
KTM-Tae kwon do, Muay Tai combined, intense Cardio Burn

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Small Group Training Members     & Non

  • 1-Month Unlimited  $60  $80
  • 90-Day Unlimited  $150  $210
  • Monthly Bank Draft (12 mos) $40  $60
  • Annual Paid-in-Full  $480  $720

        1 month member                $25                 $45
        12 Session Punch Pass       $99                 $119


Class size is limited from 4 to 10 participants, ages 15 and older. Participants 13-14 years old can sign up with a parent. Youth only and other special programs will be offered as well.


Sign ups are required for each class using the MindBody app on your phone, from the MindBody website or stop by the front counter.